Boxing Star Match 3
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The first player who makes the first move is chosen randomly. You and your opponent will take each turn and will repeat until the game ends.

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Matching four or more pieces creates a special piece of the same colour. The special pieces and their effects are as follows;

Collect them as many as you can, and be one step closer to victory!

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The number of trophies won/lost after each match is based on the difference in cumulative points between you and your opponent.

You will earn Trophies if you win a match, but they will be deducted from your total if you lose. Please refer to the chart below for more information.

When you are “On Fire”, the game doubles the incoming trophies.


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All players must wear Gloves when entering the game (No exceptions!).

Every glove is assigned a grade. The higher the grade, the more powerful the gloves. Each glove has its own unique feature.

Choosing the right pair of gloves will bring you a step closer to victory!

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Currently, there are different levels of grades for Gloves in Boxing Star Match 3. Higher graded gloves likely possess better potential!

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General FAQ

You are required to match three or more pieces of the same colour to obtain points. Each destroyed piece is worth 1 point.

The number of points you could earn per piece destroyed may vary according to the specific rules of each mode.

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You will trigger an Extra Move if you match four or more pieces of the same colour. Triggering an Extra Move does not cost a move.

Note that triggering an Extra Move may also be subject to special requirements depending on the specific mode you play. Some modes may not require you to collect all four pieces to trigger an Extra Move. 

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You can exit a game at any time by pressing the ‘GIVE UP’ button in the pop-up window that will appear after pressing the ‘Settings’ button located in the bottom corner of the opponent’s profile image.

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The amount of Stars won per match is based on the difference in cumulative points between you and your opponent.

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Match blue pieces to collect skill points to activate special features while playing a match. Your opponent will have to match red pieces to collect points.

Once you have filled the gauge bar to the max by collecting enough skill points, you will be able to activate special feature by tapping on the Glove icon on your turn.

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