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In 1vs1 mode, you can compete against others in fast-paced matches at various stadiums. The rules for the match will vary depending on the stadium level.

Stadium 1 - 4
• Matches start in the 9th Inning, 1 Out, and runners on 1st and 3rd base.

Stadium 5 - 6
• Matches start in the 9th Inning, 1 Out, and runners on 1st and 2nd base.

Stadium 7 - 9
• Matches start in the 9th Inning, 1 Out, and a runner on 1st base.

By winning matches, you can earn trophies to progress further on Trophy Road to unlock more stadiums and players.

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Ultimate Arena is a weekly mode where you play against others regardless of their stadium level. This means that your opponent can be from Stadium 4 - 9.

5 Free Entries are given daily. You can get additional entries using coins. You can choose to start the match in the 7th, 8th, or 9th inning. The actual start inning may differ as it factors in your opponent's preference.

The match will be played at random stadiums.

You can enter this highly fierce and unpredictable arena after you unlock Stadium 4 in 1vs1 mode.

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You can enter Ultimate Arena after you unlock Stadium 4.

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In Ultimate Arena, you earn points from playing matches to claim the top spots in the Rankings.
• +5 points for Wins
• -3 points for Losses
• 0 points for Draws

Rankings are based on the total points earned at the end of the weekly competition. Rewards will be given accordingly to your final ranking. A minimum of 18 points is required to qualify for Ultimate Arena Ranking.

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Trophy Road is the path of progression in World Baseball Stars. When you earn Trophies, you can unlock new stadiums and collect milestone rewards.

You can also preview all the rewards and Stadiums by tapping on the Stadium on your main Screen.

Here are the trophy amounts needed to unlock each stadium.

  • Stadium 1   0 Trophy
  • Stadium 2   100 Trophies
  • Stadium 3   300 Trophies
  • Stadium 4   600 Trophies
  • Stadium 5   900 Trophies
  • Stadium 6   1,200 Trophies
  • Stadium 7   1,500 Trophies
  • Stadium 8   1,800 Trophies
  • Stadium 9   2,100 Trophies
  • Stadium 10   2,550 Trophies

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